A Light-bulb Moment that Charged the Way for Inception Lighting

In 2010, Inception Lighting’s founder stood atop a ladder 20 feet off the ground hanging his Christmas lights, a risky undertaking that many homeowners perform every holiday season.

“I was losing my balancing and thinking,
‘Gosh there has to be a better way'”

Unable to find a real solution for permanent Christmas lights, he became inspired to explore a solution. He saw how LED lighting was starting to revolutionize the lighting market. He realized the possibilities of LED lighting applications that use color-changing technology, which homeowners could control.

He created Inception Lighting, a permanently installed, architectural LED lighting system that provides discreet forward-facing and color-changing linear lighting whose customers include homeowners, businesses and municipalities.

Today, Inception Lighting is continuing to innovate products and services around the idea of using architectural color-changing lighting to communicate. Inception Lighting invites you to “Experience Color Changing.”


Meet Inception Lighting’s innovative and experienced leaders
who are leading the way in the color-changing lighting marketplace.

Scott Eddins
Founder, and Inventor of Inception Lighting

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Scott is an entrepreneur who is passionate and determined, two qualities that have energized him in his current endeavor. His initial idea for Inception Lighting was permanent Christmas lights, but what he created was a practical solution for a common problem that uses color-changing lighting technology to extend its use throughout the year for any reason.

Scott worked with experts and performed much of his own research to produce a versatile, sleek looking product. Feedback from municipalities, commercial property owners and homeowners has shaped the system into the sophisticated and intelligent product it is today.

The response to Inception Lighting has been universally positive.

“Everybody said they’d never seen anything like it,” Scott said. “They wanted it. People have thanked me and said they always liked decorating and that they would never get up on the ladder to line their homes with light for fear they’d hurt themselves. Kids would come out and give me hugs after we’d done installations so excited at the result. And when they started changing color, they were floored.”

He doesn’t want to lose sight of his long-term goal, though, which is to communicate public safety alerts through the system’s lights.

“Central to all means of communication is vitality and security, so I approached my community leaders and proposed the concept of using my product and color-changing lighting products generally to signal specific type of emergencies,” he said. “The feedback was awesome and the consensus was that the technology in use would generally improve security systems by making the public more aware, and therefore diligent, in times of emergency. And, it will make direct first responders more effective and safer while providing their service to the community.”

LED lighting is a relatively new technology, and as with any new technology, he knows there will be winners and losers.

“This company is a winner because we are a first to solve a specific problem with the technology, and it’s just one more application for LED lighting,” he said. “There are many other applications out there in LED lighting that just haven’t been thought of yet, so there are plenty of opportunities to get into the game.”

Prior to Inception Lighting, Scott was CEO and President of The Litigation Support Company, which assisted attorneys in the gathering, organization, production and presentation of evidence in courts of law – where a mistake could mean mistrial. He oversaw five litigation teams and 20 employees who provided support for lawyers in several verdicts that surpassed $10 million for his clients. He sold the company in late 2010.

Scott’s other passion is tennis. He was a professional tennis player from 1999 to 2003. In his tennis career, he was among the top 50 American tennis players on the ATP tour. He competed in the 1999 U.S. Open.

He earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology from Texas Christian University.

Matt Glover
Chief Technology Officer

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Matt is responsible for the design, development, and support of Inception Lighting hardware, software and services.

Matt is honored to be a part of a company that is offering a viable solution for a real need. With Matt’s expertise, the product is being refined after many hours of testing and real-world use.

“Being able to take the current product and expand its use by enabling it to become part of an IoT ecosystem is a dream job,” he said. “We feel that our complementary skills provide a fantastic opportunity to bring a unique and compelling solution to a number of market needs.”

Inception Lighting is a great example of an LED lighting application that is among the Internet of Things (IoT). Matt said many IoT implementations tend to be solutions looking for a problem, but that’s not the case for Inception Lighting.

“The Inception Lighting solution is a very real application that provides value and benefits in many areas,” he said. “The immediate returns related to cost savings, aesthetic appeal, and reduced labor costs are obvious.”

Matt is excited about the prospects for Inception Lighting because the product has been designed to evolve beyond the initial benefits to further enable public safety and other commercial implementations.

“The future for our product and our customers is exciting as the product evolves, further enhancing the ways LED lighting can be used – not only to illuminate, but also communicate in an intelligent way,” he said.

Matt is the inventor/co-inventor on the following patents: 7215977 – All-in-one modular wireless device; 7107370 – Wireless communication portfolio system and device; 6725290 – Persistent modem connection; and 8255564 – Personal Video Network.

He earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Information Systems from Missouri State University. His hobbies include technology, electronics and software. He is also an avid marathoner.