Create the Perfect Ambiance Year-Round

Our product provides bright, color-changing lighting that communicates a holiday or occasion that is special to you. Our lighting solution stands out from other similar products because it’s permanent and has easy-to-control technology. Our product’s flawless design also contributes to its top performance from installation to virtually no maintenance.

Custom Lighting that You Control
From Anywhere-Anytime

Our LED Lighting Solution has Color-Changing Technology
to Illuminate Every Occasion.

Multiple Properties

Manage Lighting for Multiple Properties

Control the lighting for one or several buildings
from a single device

Lighting from any device

Customize Lighting Control

Access and control lighting from Apple
mobile devices (Android and Computer Coming in 2018)

Cloud-Based Control

Cloud-Based Control Solution

Operates on an independent, reliable network
with a wireless/controller hub

Real-time Control from Anywhere

Real-Time Control From Anywhere

Advanced control technology lets you operate the
lighting from any location at any time

Annual Energy and Cost Savings

Learn how much you can save by using our cost-effective lighting solution.

(over 10 Years)
Cost with Inception Lighting
Cost without Inception Lighting
(200 feet)
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(1,000 feet)
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(10,000 feet)
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